[Samba] What project should I use ?

Freeman, Peter (ERHS) Freeman.Peter at saugov.sa.gov.au
Thu Dec 12 02:30:01 GMT 2002

>Only commenting on the exchange server replacement. I heard 
>bynari is in financial trounble. Someone recently reccomended 
>HP openmail, actually HP sold it to someone a few years ago. I 
>think samsung? I may be wrong.

You're correct.  Samsung have bought Openmail from HP, it's now called 
Samsung Contact.  The word is that the Openmail development team now 
work for Samsung, at least that's what I've read around the traps.

It certainly looks interesting, we looked at Openmail a couple years
ago as a potential Exchange replacement, had the evaluation version
running successfully with several clients.  I was impressed with it,
though I thought some of the administration functions could've been
streamlined a little.  Samsung have a demo version of Contact for
download, I have it, though I've yet to install it....

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