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Only commenting on the exchange server replacement. I heard bynari is in financial trounble. Someone recently reccomended HP openmail, actually HP sold it to someone a few years ago. I think samsung? I may be wrong.


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I am going to list my current plans for rebuilding a Law Firm's network.  I hope that someone will be able to tell me which project (samba or samba-tng) would be a better choice, or if staying with MS is the only choice.  If my plan could be changed for the better, input would be greatly appreciated:

A lot of this information is useless for my questions, but I am throwing it in anyway.

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CURRENT SETUP (to be replaced/updated)
1 Server (Proliant 1600: P2-450 (single), RAID5 SCSI storage)
  *MS Win2000 Server
  *File and Print Services (file size ranges from 1kb to several 100mb).  Currently around 10gb in shared files.
  *MS Exchange 5.5 Server (Public Store 2.5GB; Private Store 3.0GB). 50 Desktop Users (Compaq Deskpro's w/ P2-300 up to Compaq Evo P4's.  DeskPro P2-450 is the most common)
  *MS Win98-WinXP
  *WordPerfect 8
  *MS Office 97-2000
  *MS Outlook (running with Exchange in Corporate Mode)
  *Several Database Applications
10 Laptop Users
  *WordPerfect 8
  *MS Office97-2000
  *MS Outlook (running with Exchange in Corporate Mode & Offline Folders)
  *Offline Files or Briefcase to keep files on laptop and backed up on server
  *Several Database Applications
Network Hardware:
  *HUBS (evil slow junky hubs, to be replaced of course).
  *ISDN (I know... what the heck were they thinking? ISDN? 60 users and an overloaded Exchange Server). (Also soon to be replaced with sDSL or T1).
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PLANNED REPLACEMENT (I will focus more on things relating to SAMBA, and some holes will be left as I don't know exactly how to do some things with SAMBA yet, or at least I don't know the best route.)

*ALL Clients will be moved to MS Win2000 (wanted to go with OpenSource Software all around but that is not a viable solution for a law office at this time)

Main File/Authentication Server (Microsoft would call it a PDC)
  *Linux or *BSD for OS (probably RedHat Linux as they offer the most corporate support).
  *Nice powerful system with RAID5 storage, redundant parts, blah blah. Still won't need to be as expensive as a new Win2000 Server.
  *Will handle authentication either through UN*X password system w/ SAMBA duplicating that(passwords could be pushed to the other servers) or thru' a pam or ldap design.

Backup File/Authentication Server
  *Automated (through scripting) backup of main file server.
  *Backup Tape System (probably an Ultrium drive).
  *Backup as many services as possible for Main Server.

Test Server
  *Name says it all. Used to test experimental projects/code.

Mail Server
  *Here is where things get more complicated.  I am not asking the SAMBA team for total help here as mail services are not in SAMBA's view.  I will be keeping the Exchange 5.5 Server or replacing it with Bynari InsightServer (unless someone knows a better product).  I MUST have a single login.
  *After connecting to the Main Server they should not have to put in another password (for email or backup files).
  *Exchange uses a directory system (not very compliant but it exist) and most alternatives use LDAP.  Therefore I will have to use OpenLDAP at some point in the authentication scheme.

That long (hope I don't get made into a troll) email leads up to a few questions. Samba or Samba-TNG or stay with Micro*leech*soft? What is the best route for a single authentication across multiple UN*X servers? Any other experiences with moving an office with my structure to all OSS (Open-Source Software) in the server room.

Major Concerns:
Single Authentication
Seamless Change from users point of view.

Thank You
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