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Wed Dec 11 20:41:02 GMT 2002

 I looked into technical documents and I found this information, regarding my problem with windows machine not connecting to Samba.  It says that if I can ping but still not see host port 137 might be blocked either by firewall/router etc.  How is it possible to check that I'm not blocking port 137 by firewall? is there any specific places i can look at.  I'm sure I never installed nor configure firewall while installing linux (not a good idea, but I did it to see atleast if everything works).  Which files in linux I can look for to make sure port 137 is enabled???

It is possible to “ping” the HOST from the client (on port 7; the echo port) but the client is unable to obtain the list of shares on HOST.

Cause:	Traffic on one or more of the NetBIOS-over-TCP ports (137, 138, 139) are blocked. To verify this, type one of the following commands:

 	(DOS)		nbtstat –A ipaddr 	(where “ipaddr” is numeric)

 	If this command shows a list of NetBIOS names, then port 137 is open. Otherwise, it is blocked.

Resolution:	Find the router, firewall, switch or other device that is blocking ports 137-139 and reconfigure it. UDP traffic must be permitted on ports 137 and 138, and TCP traffic must be permitted on port 139.

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