[Samba] Strange winbindd situation

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Wed Dec 11 19:34:01 GMT 2002

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> Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 11:37:08 -0500
> From: George Lenzer <George.Lenzer at cpl.org>
> To: samba at lists.samba.org
> Subject: [Samba] Strange winbindd situation

> -What would cause these connections?
> -Something malicious, or just a quirk with the clients?
> -As far as I can tell, these clients all seem to be Win2K and XP.  Is
> this something natural to those clients?  Maybe they search for shares
> and this results in logons?

This seems like normal windows operation to me ... epsecially if you
have printer shares on your machine.

If you don't want to see this:
1)Don't run samba if you don't need to
2)If you do need to run samba, but don't need to auto-create home
directory shares for users, turn off pam obedience 'obey pam
restrictions = no'. This is actually the default, but in many
circumstances it's very convenient to set 'obey pam restrictions = yes'.

Making your samba server non-browseable may also help matters ...


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