[Samba] Newbie: Auto mount of NT User Directories on Linux

George Blessing gblessin at mail.unomaha.edu
Wed Dec 11 18:22:01 GMT 2002

Good day, everyone.

I have a newbie question that I am trying to find an answer for.

I have a production Windows 2000 Active Directory domain that contains all
of my users and their associated home directories.  I also have a RH 8.0 box
that I allow my users to logon to via SSH.

My goal is to have the users on the RH 8.0 box be able to login to Linux and
then have Samba auto-mount their Windows 2000 domain home directory and make
that available to them during their Linux session.

I have Samba 2.2.7 installed and functioning.  I compiled it with the PAM
and WINDBIND options, among others.  I was able to join the Linux box to my
Win2000 domain.

Is what I described above possible?  Has anyone done this successfully?

Thanks in advance.

George B.

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