[Samba] Forcing Local Profiles with a Samba PDC

Randy Parker randyp at sardis.dfab.sc.ti.com
Wed Dec 11 15:58:27 GMT 2002

Forcing Local Profiles with a Samba PDC

Is there any way for Samba to force all NT and Win2k 
clients of a Samba 2.2.7 PDC to use LOCAL profiles 
instead of ROAMING profiles?

In my area each M$ box is attached to test equipment.
The differences in test equipment between M$ boxes
is significant. Roaming profiles are causing boxes
to complain about hardware that exists only on another
box. Forcing local profiles seems to be the logical
fix for this problem, however I don't see a way to
do this in smb.conf.

Currently I have made the "profile" directory in each
user's home directory (Samba's Z: drive) owned by root
and chmod 500. This seems to work but causes an error
on login about their "roaming profile is not available".

Is there a way to force local profiles without causing
this error on login? Thanks for any insight you might

Randy Parker
Dallas, Texas

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