[Samba] Is anyone join W2k/XP workstations to Samba3.0 Domain ??

Andriy Galetski andriy at druzhba.lviv.ua
Wed Dec 11 12:25:00 GMT 2002

Hi !

I build Samba3.0alpha21 with-ldapsam (openldap2.1.8) on FreeBSD4.7 box,
and configure it like PDC.

The trouble is - I can't join W2k/XP workstations to samba domain.
On server side process look clearly:
User Admin (whith uid=0; gid=0; on unix; rid=500 on PDC) pass the
authentication on ldap,
samba create machine account in /etc/passwd
(using "add machine script = addcomputerscript  %m$"   parameter)
after that samba create machine account in ldap database.
Everything looking good,  but on W2k/XP workstations side I receive:

"Error when joining to domain "DOMAIN-NAME
invalid parameter"

I try this only with russian W2k/XP then error message translated from
Unfortunately I do'nt know how is the original message look.

Thanks for any idea.

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