[Samba] choose printing system between lpd and CUPS

Patrick Kwan pat at pat.dyndns.info
Wed Dec 11 08:24:00 GMT 2002

Hell all,

I want setup samba 2.2.7 as print server also for windows client
98/nt/2k/xp. My Redhat7.3 preinstall two print system: lpd and cups.

1. Are there any consideration issue I need to concern for choosing
between these two printing system to let my win clients to print to samba
server without trouble. For example, speed, quality, administrator.

2. Can anyone share their experiences using lpd or CUPS in samba?

3. When win client send a a print job (eg word doc) to samba share
printer,samba will store this file in a spool directory.

Does this file is a raw file that samba will send this file to printing
system without any printer option/filter used?

Or, the printing system will do some process according to printer driver
option/ filters.

4. If it is a raw file, does it means that it's doen't matter that which
printing system/printer drivers (for win client only) we use?

Please clarity me, Thanks!


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