[Samba] Login via winbind -> hangs for certain time

Heiko Ettelbrueck hbruckynews at gmx.net
Wed Dec 11 07:16:01 GMT 2002


I have a box running with samba 2.2.7 and winbind (nmbd and winbindd in use)
to allow users of the local NT domain to login. The config files for PAM and
/etc/nsswitch.conf have been configured correctly so logins are now possible
using the local console (login), ssh, xdm and su.
Almost everything works fine - everything but the time that is needed for
the login process of an NT user to complete. Directly after having provided
user name and password, I get the local welcome message (in this case SuSE's
"Have a lot of fun"), but after that, it takes several seconds with 100% cpu
usage taken by a process of "ls" with argument "-l".
Another problem that goes together with the behaviour described above: If
working in a directory where there are files or directories owned by an NT
user, it takes the same long time to do a "ls -l".
And last but not least my third reception: A "ps -A" once again takes a lot
of (cpu and "normal") time and seems to hang meanwhile.

Any suggestions where I could search for the problem? I couldn't find any
hint searching the web and the newsgroups listed at Google.

Lots of thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

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