[Samba] Help to a wet-behind-the-ears Linux newbie

Thabu Pienaar thabu at computer-net.co.za
Wed Dec 11 05:59:00 GMT 2002

I have found the same problem... ANd the resolution was the firewall
settings was on high - the SAMBA server couldn't even answer on it's own
broadcast for it's own IP or name!?!  Set firewall to low and voila!


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> On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 10:46:19AM -0600, Andrew Fellingham wrote:
> > I am attempting to set up SAMBA to provide file sharing for our Windows
> > clients (something not for the faint of heart, I understand). I was able
> > configure both Webmin and SWAT, and can access both services from a
> > machine, but am unable to see the server (FLASHSRV.WORKGROUP) in the
> > Network Neighborhood or when I list all available hosts in nmblookup
> > (nmblookup -d 2 '*') and nmblookup acts as if the server isn't even
> > available at the IP address specified for it. I have checked the
> > /etc/services file and it lists all ports properly for the nmbd and smbd
> > Daemons (137 through 139) so it doesn't appear to be a port issue. The
> > doesn't appear to be the problem, as I am very able to access the
> > via ethernet.
> Are smbd and nmbd actually running? Don't trust what swat/webmin might
> say, log in and check yourself.
> As I recall, Red Hat's installer asks if you want to have your machine
> secured with some firewall rules. If you say yes, it blocks the Samba
> ports (and others), but doesn't actually tell you what it's blocking.
> Also, as a general rule you should ignore Network Neighborhood. Machines
> that have been shut off for days will sometimes still show up, and
> machines that have been up and running for days sometimes won't. Network
> Neighborhood is utterly worthless for any kind of diagnostic, regardless
> of whether you use an NT server or a Samba server.
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> Michael Heironimus
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