[Samba] 2gb limit & weird filenames

Cale Fairchild cale at cosc.brocku.ca
Tue Dec 10 21:59:00 GMT 2002

I have seen the same 2 GB problem on my IRIX running 6.5.17 using an XFS file
system. I backup my Windows box to our SGI server and the backup file is about
5.5GB when finished. This was working fine with samba 2.2.4 but as soon as I
upgraded to 2.2.7 it stops the transfer at the 2GB limit exactly. The function
which throws the error is smbd/fileio.c seek_file and I checked the size of
the typedef SMB_OFF_T is 8 bytes as it should be but the pos variable toggles
from +2^13-1 to -2^31 as if somewhere in the chain of calls to that procedure
it is passed as a int (32 bits) instead of a long (64 bits) on my system. I am
currently trying to back-track the call stack at that point which is going
slowly, if anyone has a suggestion on how to quickly do that, aside from
looking at the code I would appreciate it.

  Cale Fairchild
  Systems Administrator
  Computer Science
  Brock University

  cale at cosc.brocku.ca

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