[Samba] Re: smbtar and incremental backup

Jacob Anawalt anawaltaj at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 10 20:16:01 GMT 2002

I forgot, there is a comment about the tarmode needing to be set to fix a
fix that changed the default to not archive system and hidden files.

I didn't test to see if this was still the case, but it sounds like changing
the tarmode to inc is the better option, unless the -T[args] are allowed to
override the tarmode and -T flags are added for system and hidden files, or
if just calling tarmode without specifying an option still grabs those files
(it says it is going to).

Ie: -c 'tarmode'

Maybe the tar system and hidden files flags should be added for tarmode and
tar/-T anyway to avoid any misunderstanding of whether an archive is going
to contain those files or not.

Jacob Anawalt

> I don't know enough about the differance between the solutions to suggest
> one over the other. I just know that either solution seems to work, and
> first one makes it still print the nice little tarmode is now bla, bla,
> line in verbose mode.
> Another option would be to allow -T[args] options to override the tarmode
> [option] settings the way that it seems to be documented that tar [args]
> from in a smbclient session does. Maybe that should be done anyway. Again
> don't know enough about the affects to say if this is a good idea.
> Hopefully someone has a minute to commit this to CVS before the next
> release, and in the mean time I hope I've made this clear enough for
> who would like the incremental option to work using smbtar to fix their
> scripts.
> Jacob Anawalt
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