[Samba] bug: smbtar and incremental backup

Jacob Anawalt anawaltaj at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 10 19:46:00 GMT 2002

Program: smbtar
Package: RH7.3 samba-client-2.2.7-1.7.3

Code is the same in branch SAMBA-TNG revision and branch Main
revision 1.9, and hasn't been modified for almost three years. The line
numbers listed below are in referance to brance Main revision 1.9 as listed


When calling smbtar with the [i]ncremental option, it still performs a full

Solutions for smbtar:

Either change the smbtar script from:

82:    i) # [i]ncremental
83:       tarargs=${tarargs}g
84:       ;;

82:    i) # [i]ncremental
83:       tarargs=${tarargs}g
84:       clientargs="-c 'tarmode inc'"
85:       ;;

Or: remove ${clientargs} from the script.

I don't know enough about the differance between the solutions to suggest
one over the other. I just know that either solution seems to work, and the
first one makes it still print the nice little tarmode is now bla, bla, bla
line in verbose mode.

Another option would be to allow -T[args] options to override the tarmode
[option] settings the way that it seems to be documented that tar [args]
from in a smbclient session does. Maybe that should be done anyway. Again I
don't know enough about the affects to say if this is a good idea.

Hopefully someone has a minute to commit this to CVS before the next
release, and in the mean time I hope I've made this clear enough for people
who would like the incremental option to work using smbtar to fix their own

Jacob Anawalt

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