[Samba] nt->samba backup suggestions

Sykora, Dale Dale.Sykora at hp.com
Tue Dec 10 19:14:01 GMT 2002

	I am building a linux/samba server to backup some nt servers and would appreciate some suggestions/pointers/criticisms etc...  I googled for "samba backup" but could not find many similar solutions.  
	need...  Full/incremental network backups for 2=nt and 1=win2k servers.  Ability to choose which folders/files get included/excluded.  No software costs.
	motivation...  Full drive backups exceed 1 dds3 tape but some files do not need backup.  NT backup makes include/exclude difficult.  win2k backup difficult to script.  Will move from NT to linux/samba eventually.  Tape drive failures cause main server downtime.
	gameplan...  Build Linux-samba box with 3 dds3 drives and 4 100Mb nics.  Add another nic to each nt/win2k server.  Build 3 crossover ethernet cables.  Configure nics with private ip addresses.  Mount nt shares with smbfs or use smbclient.  Linux script backsup/compresses specific nt files to a local tar file and then copy file to tape.  

I had some problems connecting via the crossover cable, but did connect via primary nics.  If anyone has attempted something similar, let me know.  



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