[Samba] FreeBSD as a PDC

Bruno Afonso hununu at netcabo.pt
Tue Dec 10 17:32:01 GMT 2002

On 10 Dec 2002 at 17:22, John H Terpstra wrote:

> A work-around is:
> 1. Add the machine account without the trailing '$'

Let's see if with the new non-perl pw on 5.x there is a possibility to not go through this 

> 2. Then edit the /etc/passwd (and if you have shadow passwords enabled
> also the /etc/shadow file) by adding a trailing '$' to the login id.

Use vipw, add the $. 
You can make a script to edit the master.passwd and run pwd_mkdb as it is the same as 
editing using vipw. And with a script, it's automatic..

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