[Samba] FW: Samba and Windows 2000 Password Authentication - Here is the Answer with a clarification.

David Neilson DNeilson at westfam.com
Tue Dec 10 17:04:12 GMT 2002

> To Samba Users Group:
> I posted the message below, and a member of the group called me and talked
> me through the problem.  The solution is at the bottom of the page.   
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> Subject:	Samba and Windows 2000 Password Authentication
> Is there a way to configure Samba so that all password authentication is
> done through the Windows domain controllers?  
> As I understand it, the variable "encrypt passwords" must be set to yes if
> "security" is set to "domain".  This causes Samba to reference the
> smbpasswd file, so if the W2K user's password on the domain controller is
> not the same as that in the smbpasswd file, Samba will prompt the user for
> the password in smbpasswd.  
> I have tried various options, like setting "security" equal to the server,
> and "password server" equal to domain controller, but it all works the
> same:  the user has to enter the smbpasswd password to get authenticated.
> If this is not possible, is there a way to sync up the passwords between
> the domain controllers and the smbpasswd file?  
> David Neilson
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> The Answer:
> When the Windows Administrator had created the machine account in the
> domain, I assumed I did not have to use the "smbpasswd" command to create
> the trust relationship between the Samba Server and the domain.  I was
> wrong, and once I followed the steps below, I could log onto the domain
> and then access Samba shares without getting asked for a password:
> Update the global section of the smb.conf file to include the following:
> workgroup = MY_COMPANY_DOMAIN
> security = domain
> password server = *
> encrypt passwords = yes
> smbpasswd file = THE_FILE_PATH_AND_NAME
> os level = 0 ### This server will never become a domain controller
> Stop the smbd and nmbd daemons.
> Run the smbpasswd command to establish a trust relationship:
> -Uadministrator%password
	(NOTE:  the administrator%password must be that of a W2K domain

> Start up the Samba daemons.

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