[Samba] FW: Samba and Windows 2000 Password Authentication - Here is the Answer.

Diego Rivera lrivera at racsa.co.cr
Tue Dec 10 16:23:01 GMT 2002

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On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 09:17, Gabriel Matthews wrote:
> This last reply has helped me figure out quite a few things, but I'm still
> getting stuck on the 'adding server to domain' part.  Here is what I am
> seeing.
> [root at yavin gabriel]# smbpasswd -j CT01 -r ANAKIN -U gabriel

Make sure the user 'gabriel' has NT administrator rights in samba.  What
you're doing here is in effect creating a machine account, and only
domain admins (or people with sufficient privileges) can do that.  Try
adding 'gabriel' to the list at smb.conf in the parameter 'domain admin
group' (look for it in "man smb.conf" for more details).  Either that,
or add a username for administrators.

Personally, I add a root user account to Samba, and create a username
map from "administrator" to "root".

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