[Samba] Migrating W2K AD to Samba?

Roberto Lourenço betolourenco at ig.com.br
Tue Dec 10 13:26:00 GMT 2002

Jonas try to create a user for your win2k machines like this...
Linux System > Machine$
Samba System > Machine

replace Machine by your machine name...

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Subject: [Samba] Migrating W2K AD to Samba?

> After a frightening experience with W2K Active Directory, we've been
> considering an "emergency migration" to Samba. I've been looking at
> both 2.2.7 and the latest 3.0 alpha, but have found little information
> about migrating from W2K. Most information seems to be about Windows
> What I've tried is to pull the information from the AD tree with
> pwdump3 and put it in the smbpasswd file, with some small
> conversions. I've taken the domain SID and put it in DOMAIN.SID and
> created all the corresponding UNIX accounts for the computers.
> Unfortunately, the clients are still experiencing problems when
> logging into the moved domain. Even a level 10 log doesn't tell me
> anything specific about what's going on; it keeps repeating that the
> user authenticated correctly. But on the W2K client, the users only
> get the information that their password/username was incorrect.
> With 3.0 alpha, I also struggled a bit first with getting the group
> bits right to map Domain Users to the users unix group, but I think I
> got that one down.
> Does anyone have any information to share? I'm beginning to think that
> this kind of migration is not possible, and that we should burn for
> allowing the migration from Windows NT to Windows 2000 in the first
> place :-)
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