[Samba] smbclient returns incorrect file size for large files

Jimmy Roe jimmyroe at go.com
Tue Dec 10 13:10:01 GMT 2002

Using the SAMBA_2_2 source from CVS has changed things but it has not corrected the problem.

Using smbclient to obtain a directory listing now shows the size of a 8,522,525,696 byte file as 4227558400. When creating a tar archive of the share, the warning message is now:

File size change - truncating FILE to -67408896 bytes

Herb Lewis wrote:

Can you try the latest CVS for SAMBA_2_2? There were some fixes
checked in recently to address this. Let me know if you have
problems with that version.

Jimmy Roe wrote:
> When I connect to a share on an NTFS drive on a Windows 2000 server using smbclient and obtain a directory listing using the 'ls' command, the file size of large files is shown as 259190784. This is not the size of the file according to the Windows GUI which gives 8,849,125,376 bytes (8.24 GB) as the file size.
> I have not been able to determine exactly how big a file has to be for the size calculation of smbclient to break, but it's not 259190784 as a file of size 447199232 is shown correctly.
> This presents a problem when using smbtar to create a tar archive of the share, smbclient cannot tar the larger files because it is passed the wrong file size, the error:
> File size change - truncating FILE to 259190784 bytes
> Is shown.
> I have tried using samba 2.2.7 and 3.0alpha21 with the same results.
> Any assistance you can offer would be very much appretiated.

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