[Samba] Migrating W2K AD to Samba?

Jonas Oberg jonas at informatik.gu.se
Tue Dec 10 12:59:00 GMT 2002

After a frightening experience with W2K Active Directory, we've been
considering an "emergency migration" to Samba. I've been looking at
both 2.2.7 and the latest 3.0 alpha, but have found little information
about migrating from W2K. Most information seems to be about Windows

What I've tried is to pull the information from the AD tree with
pwdump3 and put it in the smbpasswd file, with some small
conversions. I've taken the domain SID and put it in DOMAIN.SID and
created all the corresponding UNIX accounts for the computers.

Unfortunately, the clients are still experiencing problems when
logging into the moved domain. Even a level 10 log doesn't tell me
anything specific about what's going on; it keeps repeating that the
user authenticated correctly. But on the W2K client, the users only
get the information that their password/username was incorrect.

With 3.0 alpha, I also struggled a bit first with getting the group
bits right to map Domain Users to the users unix group, but I think I
got that one down.

Does anyone have any information to share? I'm beginning to think that
this kind of migration is not possible, and that we should burn for
allowing the migration from Windows NT to Windows 2000 in the first
place :-)

Jonas Öberg
Systems administrator/webmaster, Department of Informatics,
School of Economics and Commercial Law, Gothenburg University.
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