[Samba] 2gb limit & weird filenames

Andrew Furey andrew at terminus.net.au
Tue Dec 10 09:29:27 GMT 2002

>>We're trying to back these up to the samba server, but it
>>quits right around 2gb.  That seems to be a magical number.  This is with
>>version 2.2.3 of Samba, and Linux-Mandrake 8.2, ext3 file system.
> Well, the Linux ext3 filesystem itself has a maximum file size limit of 2
> GB so that isn't really a samba issue. You would need to use a filesystem
> such as xfs to support file sizes greater than this.

Not quite true - it seems to be more closely related to your libc6 
version. I know that in Debian the 2Gb limit magically went away on 
ext2/ext3 (possibly even on kernel 2.2 IIRC) when libc6 was updated at 
some point during development this year (before woody, the current 
stable, was released). I would have thought MDK8.2 would be recent 
enough to support >2Gb files...

See if you can create a >2Gb file on the local machine to test one way 
or the other; assuming you have shell access, try something like

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test.dat bs=1k count=3000000

This should create a 3Gb file on the local disk (assuming you have 
enough disk space on that partition, of course :)


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