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On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 02:51, Elliot Williams wrote:
> Hi guys.i need your help. I am using samba 2.2.6 and a w2k prof client.
> During the weekend my system got rebooted. My profile therefore was not
> updated into the samba pdc. When I reboot it gave some error and showed
> me my last saved profile. I checked my documents and setting and there
> was a username.domain_name.bak and username.domain_name
> Looks like there was a bakup. So what I did was, I logged on as a local
> admin then I deleted my orginal username.domain_name and renamed the
> username.domain_name.bak to username.domain_name
> I logon again and STILL I was given the old profile. I HAVE LOTS OF
> important and source code files in that directory,which I put in the
> desktop
> I tried to search and locate on bother the linux and my w2k prof box but
> I CANNOT find the updated file and source code anymore. STUPId linux
> overrite the profile on my machine. Somehow It took over that profile
> thinking that linux is a bigger uphold

Please do not blame at linux, samba or anything else except perhaps the
way windows does handle profiles.

It is known that the way profiles are handled is dangerous for data in
every kind of environment, be it a windows server or a samba server.

If you have deleted your old profile there's nothing you can do besides
blaming yourself for a) saving important data on the desktop (eg in the
profile), b) not keeping backups.


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