[Samba] 2gb limit & weird filenames

Bob Puff at NLE bob at nleaudio.com
Tue Dec 10 07:08:01 GMT 2002


I'm trying to set up a samba server for a friend who has a mac.  He's running
OSX, version 10.2.  He's got some really big video editing files that are well
in excess of 2gb.  We're trying to back these up to the samba server, but it
quits right around 2gb.  That seems to be a magical number.  This is with
version 2.2.3 of Samba, and Linux-Mandrake 8.2, ext3 file system.

I saw some talk on another list that this was fixed in a somewhat recent
version, but then broken for the latest one.  Comments?

Also, the same guy has some really funky filenames, ones that have (and
sometimes start with) all sorts of punctuation in them.  Samba is renaming
some of these, which is a problem when trying to restore them.  Is there a way
to fix this behaviour?


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