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ByronW at LifeTips.com ByronW at LifeTips.com
Mon Dec 9 16:11:02 GMT 2002

Just a quick follow-up of possible promotion of your site samba.anu.edu.au to millions in our network. 

Ah, the benefits of being a LifeTips.com advertiser are endless! 

For instance--you have not even signed up yet, and I am already sending you this free marketing tip and secret that I share with Advertisers that sign up in our network.

How friendly is your site with search engines? Find out in seconds:

Copy about seven words of unique text from your site into the Google search engine. Select content that is a page or two deep in your site. Put quotes around the text. Hit Search. If Google finds your site, then your site is spider-friendly. If not, it is time to get me on the phone with your Webmaster for a few secrets on spider friendly code development. 

Marketing tips like these are just one benefit of advertising on LifeTips.com.  With millions of members and targeted users, we can guarantee results.  Enjoy incredibly high click-through rates, earnings per click and conversion rates.  Just check Commission Junction.  We have some of highest ratings on the web, in fact.

So call me for a free consultation about the smartest ways to market your site in our network.  And I am happy to offer advice and more secrets on marketing on the web.


Byron White
877-454-3384 x 201
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If your are not interested in hearing from me again, enjoy our new one click easy unsubscribe:


But first, listen to another satisfied advertiser that joined us a few weeks ago:

I was very comfortable doing business with LifeTips.com because they are a Commission Junction Publisher and, our company, Climatique International is a Commission Junction advertiser. It only took a few minutes to get up and running on the LifeTip.com targeted sites; and in just two weeks time we saw a significant increase in our qualified leads and sales. Lifetips.com has helped put the business we do together through Commission Junction on turbo-charge.

Robert Hoffman
Climatique International, Inc.

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