[Samba] deleting files problem

Bill Dossett bd at emtex.com
Sun Dec 8 13:24:01 GMT 2002


I've got what I think is a pretty weird problem.

I'm using redhat 8.0 and their latest samba rpm 2.2.7.

I have a directory


with about 600 tiff files in it.

When I go this directory and try and delete them,
it deletes about 100 of them or so, but while this
is going on, it says:

the system cannot find the file specified

and doesn't delete the rest.. if I do it again, it deletes more
file, but messages still appear, doing it aout 5 or 6 times and
all files are deleted.

I upped log level to 5 in samba and it mentions mangling file names
but couldn't really see any answser there...

Has anyone else seen this behaviour or know what is causing it?



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