[Samba] sharing one profile-directory with multiple users

Sebastian Schinzel soidberg at web.de
Sun Dec 8 12:24:00 GMT 2002


I have built a pdc with debian woody and samba 2.2.3a. The clients are
all identical xp-boxes, and i want to give to all the new created users
one custom look on the desktop on all machiens. 

I have created a default installation with a default wallpaper, some
icons (...) and cloned the image via norton ghost to all the clients.
Then I copied the profiles-directory from my default user to the
profiles-directory of all the users on the pdc.

When i now login the pdc via the client, I dont get the wallpaper, the
icons are moved and the custom restrictions from the default
installation are gone.
It seems, that this is not stored in the profiles-directory.

My problem is that i have to create about 200 different logins and i
really have to give them at least my custom-desktop.

Does anyone have a proper solution for this?

Thanks for your reply!!


Sebastian Schinzel

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