[Samba] nmbd behaving...

Dominik Wagenknecht dominik at wagenknecht.cc
Sun Dec 8 10:22:01 GMT 2002

Hey Guruz

A few lines from my samba.nmbd log:

[2002/12/08 11:10:07, 3] nmbd/nmbd_namelistdb.c:add_name_to_subnet(245)
   add_name_to_subnet: Added netbios name ABSTELLKAMMER<20> with first 
IP ttl=3600 nb_flags= 0 to subnet
[2002/12/08 11:10:07, 3] 
   process_name_query_request: Name query from on subnet for name ABSTELLKAMMER<20>

How is that possible???

The request was produced by doing an nmblookup abstellkammer#20 form 
another machine to the wins-server. Result: nothing.... I can't see 
why, but this happens very very very often.

Now my question is:
- When does nmbd do an dns-request??? (it's configured as wins server 
and dns proxy, When I do a nmblookup nothing happens, when entering the 
same name in explorer it does send an dns-query)

This is exactly the behaviour from above!

Kind regards
--Dominik Wagenknecht

eMail: dominik at wagenknecht.cc

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