[Samba] "checking whether to support ACLs... no"

Jacob Malmberg thundercall1 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 8 02:55:00 GMT 2002

This problem is really getting frustrating. I have set up my debian 3 box w/ 
kernel 2.4.2 patched for ext2/3 ACL support. I have also installed all 
utilies, both attr and ACL. I have joined the box to my domain using winbind 
and smbpasswd. I can set permissions all right using setfacl with 
domain+user but when I try to change permissions via LAN using w2k/xp I get 
access denied/or it just erases my changes. Also, the permissions do not 
seem to be the same on samba and the rest of the system, since my changes 
using setfacl doesnt show up if I try to change permission with w2k/xp. Im 
using samba 2.2.7 and the latest acl patch. Any thoughts anybody? Help is 
very appreciated.


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