[Samba] Unable to connect to domain

Carmon, Joseph [gh464753] carmonj at chartermi.net
Sat Dec 7 02:14:00 GMT 2002

When attempting to connect to my Samba 2.2 server from
windoes 2k I get the following message after I enter my
root name and password.

The following error occurred with attemtping to join the
domain "Home"

The specified domain does not exist or could not be

However when I look at my network places I can see the

Any help on this is appreciated

Here is my smb.conf file

# This is the configuration file for Samba on my home
netwrok. It will consist
# of a shared directory for all, private home directories
including login
# scripting for win98, win2000, and winME it will also
include a shared 
# Epson980 Stylus color printer. This configuration file is
for Samba Version
# 2.0. Samba 3.0 is in alpha testing currently, and doesin
fact include 
# support for Active directory. the SWAT interface is NOT
     admin users = root
     wins support = yes

#server information
     workgroup = Home
     server string = Samba %v server
     netbios name = pdc

#loging information
      log level = 10
      max log size = 50
      debug timestamp = yes

#browsing election options
      os level = 99
      domain master = yes
      preferred master = yes
      domain logons = yes

#security options
      security = user
      encrypt passwords = yes
      unix password sync = yes
      passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
      null passwords = no
      update encrypted = yes

#profile information
       logon path = \\pdc/%H/profile
       logon script = %u.bat

     comment = Profile directory
     path = /usr/profile
     create mode = 0777
     directory mode = 0700
     writeable = yes
     browsable = no

      comment = Domain logon scripts
      path = /home/logon
      public = no
      writeable = no
      browsable = no

   path = /home/common
   comment = Shared Directory
   writeable = yes
   guest ok = yes
   browsable = yes


   path = %H
   comment = %u home directory
   writable = yes
   browsable = yes

    printable = yes
    guest ok = yes
    path = /tmp

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