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Hello Jim and Noel,
Thanks for your helps.
You ask me about the physical disk configuration.
A short  survey:
The physical Configuration of the storage is a HP/Compag  SAN fabric with five HSG80 storage array controllers. The disk on this five controllers are configured to raid 5 sets. ( All raid 5 sets ( about 25) are summarized  by advfs addvol command to one big advfs Volume. I believe that we have an very good balancing on the fiber optic SAN and also on the HSG80 storage controllers.  If I run a search from Tru64,  have excellent time of response.
Parallel we have tested with ASU (Advanced Server Unix  Software) and the responds was factor 2 higher as  with samba.
To break down the large directories was my first  meaning also,  we have done this depended from the software. Now we can't more decrease the number of file in the directories.
I have read in a document, that samba has changed from  shared memory to use mmap. Is there an  bottleneck maybe? I will look to the kernel parameters from ubc (unified buffer cache) on Tru64.  I believe it is a buffer problem, but where?
Kind Regards / Grüsse 
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On Friday, December 6, 2002, at 04:13 AM, Noel Kelly wrote: 
Someone else might well know better but.... 
I believe this is a file system issue.  ext2/ext3 manipulate the directory entries using lists so if you have a great many files in one directory you will see performance issues as you describe. 
The original poster is running an HP cluster system with Tru64 v5.1! Linux has nothing to do with his issues. 
The answer to this is to change filesystem - no mean feat with your data sizes.  Filesystems like XFS and ReiserFS use binary trees to manipulate the directory entries and it is a far faster way of doing things with crowded directories so you should see an improvemnet. 
Probably a good point, but again, he is limited to the filesystems available under Tru64. I have only used HP-UX up through V10.0, and am not familiar with Tru64, so cannot comment on that.... 
I suppose an alternative short term solution is to get the users to break large directories up into small ones if the data lends itself to it. 
Probably the best solution - but maybe not what his customer will want to hear.... 
Wolfgang: is this on a raid array, or some type of other storage array? Could that be the bottleneck? Is the NT system using comparable storage hardware? 
Jim Morris (Jim at Morris-World.com) 
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