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Dimitrios Stergiou dste at intranet.gr
Fri Dec 6 16:50:01 GMT 2002

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On Friday 06 December 2002 06:36 pm, Robert Adkins wrote:
> 	[emergpo]
>         path = /share/purchasing/emergpo
>         valid users = @emergpo

> 	Now, from what I understand any new files that are created within this
> share should have the ownership be the following <username>:emergpo.
> Unfortunately, that is not happening, what is happening is that both the
> user and the group ownership bit are set to the creator of the file.
> Which is HIGHLY annoying since my phone is often inundated with calls
> asking why they can't access a file located on said drive.

Hi there,
the usual solution that i enforce is (for your case):
# cd /share/purchasing
# chgrp -R emergpo emergpo
# chmod g+s emergpo

This will result to the group ownership to be propagated to every 
directory/file created

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