[Samba] Samba Performance question

Jim Morris Jim at Morris-World.com
Fri Dec 6 16:31:33 GMT 2002

On Friday, December 6, 2002, at 04:13  AM, Noel Kelly wrote:

> Someone else might well know better but....
> I believe this is a file system issue.  ext2/ext3 manipulate the 
> directory entries using lists so if you have a great many files in one 
> directory you will see performance issues as you describe.

The original poster is running an HP cluster system with Tru64 v5.1!  
Linux has nothing to do with his issues.

> The answer to this is to change filesystem - no mean feat with your 
> data sizes.  Filesystems like XFS and ReiserFS use binary trees to 
> manipulate the directory entries and it is a far faster way of doing 
> things with crowded directories so you should see an improvemnet.

Probably a good point, but again, he is limited to the filesystems 
available under Tru64. I have only used HP-UX up through V10.0, and am 
not familiar with Tru64, so cannot comment on that....
> I suppose an alternative short term solution is to get the users to 
> break large directories up into small ones if the data lends itself to 
> it.

Probably the best solution - but maybe not what his customer will want 
to hear....

Wolfgang:  is this on a raid array, or some type of other storage 
array?  Could that be the bottleneck?  Is the NT system using 
comparable storage hardware?

Jim Morris (Jim at Morris-World.com)
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