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Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Fri Dec 6 16:29:01 GMT 2002

On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 10:22, Roberto Lourenço wrote:
> Ok,
> Let me explain.
> I want that the home directory of all students of some class look like
> this...
> /home/class/990321 > this is the home directory of student 990321 in class
> class
> /home/class1/99999 > this is the home directory of student 99999 in class
> class1
> /home/class1/99989 > this is the home directory of student 99989 in class
> class1

if you put all the students in a class into a group (ie class1)
this won't be a problem
it'll be a bit of a hassle to set up when you're creating users in unix 
but you don't have to do anything special to do this in samba.

> ok...
> i want to know too if exist some application (GUI) that can runs in another
> machine (not linux) that can create users, shares, groups and rights for the
> domain (samba acting like pdc) or if is much difficulty to implement a LDAP
> enviroment to integrat both platforms users accounts.
there is a web browser interface to samba that will let you create
shares. I think it is possible to use the native windows tools to add
users and modify groups, and it is certainly possible to set permissions
with native windows tools.

You may want to get a hold of webmin to let non unix users do sysadmin
tasks like adding and modifying users.

I use an ldap environment with the smbldap-tools from unav
to manage users. not hard to set up.

best wishes

Bradley W. Langhorst <brad at langhorst.com>

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