[Samba] Re: ACL issues still unresolved (Andrew Furey)

Tom Hallewell hallewellt at rfa.org
Fri Dec 6 15:40:02 GMT 2002

It sounds like smbd isn't linking to the acl libs-have you run ldd against
winbindd to see if it is linking to libacl.so.1?
I recently had very similar symptoms running 2.2.7 under Debian and I found
that I wasn't compiling against the acl libs.
Make sure you have the line (this might work best if you put this line
before --with-msdfs)

--with-acl-support in debian/rules,

Plus you have to

   vi debian/config.cache
    --> replace "ac_cv_header_sys_acl_h=${ac_cv_header_sys_acl_h=no}"
         with "ac_cv_header_sys_acl_h=${ac_cv_header_sys_acl_h=yes}"

I got this info from Max-http://homex.subnet.at/~max/comp-12_xfs.php
Good luck.

Tom Hallewell
Radio Free Asia
Washington DC, USA
> >>(b) In said ACL properties dialog, the usernames displayed
> >>are the UNIX ones, not the ones converted with the username
> >>map option.
> >
> > Why not use original Windows names and take users map out of the loop?
> >
> > While a blank in user's name is strictly a no-no and all lower case is
> > preferable, most *nices can deal with names longer than 8 chars,
> > although "ls -l"-listings may appear messy.
> >
> > As for your (a) question, should we chase back your previous mails
> > to find out exactly what samba version on which platform you are
> > using, or can you discretely include that info in a mail?
> Sorry, I should have specified - Samba 2.2.7 manually compiled with
> ACLs, on Debian unstable.
> However, I have just this morning worked out both of those problems. For
> all the future Googlers out there who are banging their heads against
> the wall as much as I have been:
> Setting up winbind with the nsswitch.conf stuff works perfectly (as far
> as those two problems go).
> Only problem I have now is working out how to preserve the ACLs on files
>   I copy from the W2k to the Samba machine. xcopy /o seems to be it, but
> it comes up with "access denied" and the file is empty, as well as
> having the default permissions (copying person is owner, etc). More
> Googling needed...
> Thanks for your help, everyone.
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