[Samba] URGENT DMB,LMB's Configuration Please help...........???

Shishir Singhai shishir.singhai at linkapparel.org
Fri Dec 6 11:07:01 GMT 2002


Can anybody tell me how to configure the DMB(Domain Master Browser) and
LMB's(Local Master Browser) of two  subnet . the two subnet are as follows
 the IP of the DMB and LMB are as follows

1) DMB (This is also act as router between  subnet) .WorkGroup is ABC
    a) (Wins Server) I want this to be Domain Master for entire

2) LMB
   a) I want this to be Local Master for his subnet WorkGroup is

How to Sync the Browsing of two diff subnet and what should be the
configuration of the the Samba's DMB and LMB


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