[Samba] File changed as we read it.....

David Sims dpsims at virtualdave.com
Fri Dec 6 10:57:00 GMT 2002


  This is probably a newbie question, but here goes. I am using samba to
mount some windows box's hard drives to a linux box for the purpose of
doing backups on the windows boxes. This is done late at night and I am
SURE that no one is using the windows boxes....

  While backing up I often see tar complain as
follows: "tar: IssRating/C4dll.dll: file changed as we read it" or 
"tar: MPLUTIL/AUTO/TXOLD/AUTOMENU.EXE: file changed as we read it"

What is causing these files to change??? Why would an executable or a dll

Please reply via e-mail as I am not a list subscriber.



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