[Samba] Samba and ACL problems.

Jacob Malmberg thundercall1 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 5 17:21:00 GMT 2002

Ive joined my smbcomputer to my AD-domain using samba 2.2.7 and smbpasswd -j 
domain -r pdc -Uadmuser. However, when I try to set file/dir permissions 
from one of the windows (xp,2k) clients I get this error in the smbd.log:
  create_canon_ace_lists: unable to map SID 
S-1-5-21-1624733417-2918206790-2146600570-2560 to uid or gid.". I have 
mounted my ext2 fs with mnt -t ext2 -o acl -o user_xattr device mntpnt. Im 
using kernel 2.4.20 which ive patched for ext2/ext3 ACL support. Is there 
anyway to set domain permissions with the command setfacl just to try if it 
works? It works fine when using users on the smbcomputer but not at all when 
Im using users from the AD-domain. Im using debian 3 woody.


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