[Samba] winbind + groups hogs CPU

Daniel Wittenberg daniel-wittenberg at uiowa.edu
Thu Dec 5 04:53:01 GMT 2002

I've been using winbind successfully for awhile now for user info
(nothing in /etc/passwd), but today I tried to use it to pull group
info, so I updated /etc/nsswitch.conf (RH 7.3) and then tried to add:
valid users = @DOMAIN+group_name

and now whenever I click on any folder (share) to open the cpu util goes
up, and the connection hangs for awhile, and then eventually it
times-out on the client side, and the server logs initgroup errors. 
Anyone seen this?  It is connecting to a rather large AD forest, and I'm
told there are groups with 30+ users in them.  When I do a winbind -g
|wc -l I get about 63,210 entries before I geta 0c000233 error (I think
that was it).  I tried group enumeration on/off and that doesn't change

Anyone have other ideas?


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