[Samba] Access Samba Servers from th

Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
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	I would setup a VPN (Which is outside the scope of this list) tunnel   
into your machine running Samba. Then you could use Samba as though you   
were locally connected to the network the Samba server is living on.

	Other then that, I wouldn't recommend using Samba connected directly to   
the internet. Of course, that is based upon my limited knowledge of Samba   
and network security. Unless it is proven otherwise, I believe that it   
would be far more secure to have a VPN Tunnel setup to connect you to   
your network from "anywhere" on the internet.

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I have a little question that I am not sure about:
I will set up a server at a hosting facility, is it possible to install   
on the server and access shares of this server over the internet?
Would I just have to use the right workgroup, maybe restrict access to
certain IP's, and would I then be able to access the shares from just
anywhere on the internet, as long as I have the correct workgroup???
This might be a silly question, but I haven't really seen an answer   


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