[Samba] question/problem - SAMBA server dies

Melissa Stanley melissas at sundown.ncsc.mil
Wed Dec 4 18:05:21 GMT 2002

Hi there,

I'm running Solaris 8 on a Sun420R with SAMBA 2.2.2 ...

Periodically, at least once a week - roughly, my SAMBA server dies. I'm
not able to completely troubleshoot this yet because the early birds in
my office are most efficient and run the samba.server restart utility
before I get in ... (per my instruction; however now I've asked them to
hold off if there is no urgency).

I have viewed the log file and I can't tell much from it. I did see that
after 1800 hours yesterday, the last user appeared to "disconnect", and
that's it ... no more logging occured until the server was restarted.
The only common denominator that I see when something like this happens,
is that the server appears to quit after everyone has gone home for the
day and always has to be restarted when the users come in and are ready
to begin accessing the server.

I also do notice that extensive reporting/errors such as:
    Unable to open new log file /var/adm/samba_logs: Too many open files

and here's another, which almost occurs constantly while the server is
being used ...
    vfs_GetWd: vfs_getwd call failed, errno Permission denied ...

Do I need to adjust my max files?? I read something about modifying a
local.h file? I'm not familiar with this file ... or process.

Any ideas/suggestions? Other than that, my server does what it is
supposed too but the periodic unavailability is annoying my users.


Melissa S.
BCCi, DoD contractor

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