[Samba] Issues with Samba

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Wed Dec 4 11:38:01 GMT 2002

Great hint! I only had a few dozens of workstations to visit in the 
initial phase but when we take Berlin "NTConfig.POL" will be used;-). 
I'll find more about how to deploy it.

Thanks a lot, John.

On Mon, 2 Dec 2002 23:32:55   
 John H Terpstra wrote:
>On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Dragan Krnic wrote:
>> Good news, John! Profile migration tool is an answered prayer.
>> But this is a slightly different thread. Karl Keogh here would like
>> to give his users more rights because otherwise some apps won't 
>> run. By power user he probably means Administrators. So I 
>> suggested to join the group of authorized users (in a German 
>> locale it's "NT-AUTHORITÄT") to the local Administrator group.
>This needs to be set either on each workstation individually, by
>making the domain user a member of the local administrator group, or 
>else by creating an NTConfig.POL file using the NT Group Policy 
>Editor that sets makes the user a member of the local workstation 
>administrator group. You may have to first create the policy editor 
>template to do this. You then place this NTCOnfig.POL file in the 
>root of the "netlogon" share. Then automatically, as the user logs 
>on, he/she will gain local administrator rights and privilidges.
>- John T.
>> --
>> On Mon, 2 Dec 2002 23:06:31
>>  John H Terpstra wrote:
>> >Dragan,
>> >
>> >In my last reply I forgot to mention that Andrew Bartlett and I 
>> >reviewed the process for copying a user profile last week. When 
>> >he gets back from his vacations he will document the process for 
>> >Samba users. We are considering a Unix tool to facilitate this 
>> >process. No promises though.
>> >
>> >- John T.
>> >
>> >On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Dragan Krnic wrote:
>> >
>> >> > 2. I would like the roaming users when they log on to
>> >> > windows 2000 machines to have power user rights , as
>> >> > I notice that other application do not run  .
>> >>
>> >> On W2K add NT-AUTHORITY group to Administrators group.

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