[Samba] MARSNWE -vs- SAMBA...

Dan Phillips dan at gci.net
Wed Dec 4 08:24:00 GMT 2002

Here's the deal, I've got a SuSE Linux 8.1 server w/ Samba 2.2.5 running
on it.  I cannot get an older multi-user database application to perform
the correct record locking if it's coming from a drive letter mapped to
the samba srvr.  This program worked find off the old netware 3.12 srvr
that was replaced w/ the new linux box.  After many many nights of messing
around w/ oplocks settings, locking, etc. etc. etc. settings, I finally
decided to give up.

I actually installed marsnwe off of the SuSE distro disks and pointed a
new volume to the same location on the linux box that Samba points to and
mapped the driver letter at all of the workstations.  Running the db
program from there, the record locking works perfectly.  And I might add,
the performance is back to being lightning fast unlike coming from the
samba mount.  Samba was so slow that I didn't know whether I had clicked
on things or hit the keyboard hard enough.  Windows apps did not seem to
be slow on samba I should point out, just the DOS apps.  Anyway, long
story short, Marsnwe did the trick for this old dos app.

Now, can anyone tell me why?  And furthermore, can anyone tell me how to
fix the samba speed and record locking so I can get this server back down
to just samba instead of samba and marsnwe?

Thanks Much

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