[Samba] Samba 2.2.7 login script processing

Randy Cox randy.cox at allegroassociates.com
Tue Dec 3 19:25:45 GMT 2002

Hi All,

I posted this earlier, but not sure if it showed up, so:

samba 2.2.7 built with:
make install

(That is, no special build options)

in our smb.conf the line:

        logon script = %u.bat:
        lowercase ------

When trying to login (from Windows 9x,NT, 2K or Linux with winbindd), 
several (hundred) of these messages appear in the server logs:

        [the date shows up here] lib/util_str.c: string_sub (1217)
        ERROR: string overflow by 2 in string_sub(%u, 7)
and this number --------------------------------------
is the user name length + 2

The workstation trying to login eventually times out with an "incorrect 
password" message.  On the server, smbd and nmbd stop responding to 
/etc/init.d/samba stop or other commands and need to be stopped with kill 

if we change the line in smb.conf to
        logon script = %U.bat:
        uppercase ------

Then everything works fine.  Is there a patch I missed somewhere?

Senior Technical Associate
randy.cox at allegroassociates.com

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