[Samba] Questions on fs mounting

Wirawan Purwanto wirawan0 at softhome.net
Tue Dec 3 18:52:01 GMT 2002


I have some questions concerning mounted fs on a linux system. I run 
redhat linux 7.3 on my laptop, and when I hook it up to a desktop 
Windows 2000 Pro machine, I usually mount (part of) the Windows 
directories onto my linux dir tree (say, it is to /mnt/samba). I use the 
following command:

    mount /mnt/samba

to mount the filesystem (file /usr/bin/smbmount has suid root, so I can 
do this as a user), and in /etc/fstab, it has the following line:

    //desktop_pc/drive-C    /mnt/samba    smbfs   
noauto,user,credentials=/etc/.samba-password 0 0

Here //desktop_pc/drive-C refers to the SMB share in my Windows 2000 
machine. This refers to drive C: in that machine, which has NTFS 
filesystem. Note that I install Cygwin on the Windows 2000 machine; so I 
have much a unix-like environment there.

My question is this: does smbfs support unix-like (or NT-like) file 
access control (like -rwxr-x---, or something like that)? As far as now, 
I always see ONLY -rwxrwxr-x or drwxrwxr-x. This is kind of annoying, 
since I saw variety of permission in when I check the files under 
Windows machine.

Please cc: me when you reply, since I'm not subscribed on samba mailing 


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