[Samba] Simultaneous logins

Jim Morris jmorris at rtc-group.com
Tue Dec 3 16:16:01 GMT 2002

On Tue, 2002-12-03 at 09:18, Dimitrios Stergiou wrote:

> if user1 logins from pc1, then i want him to NOT be able to login from anothe 
> pc until he is logout from pc1.
> Any ideas/pointers?

We had a big discussion of this topic last week on the samba-technical
mailing list.  It appears that at this point in time, what you want to
do is not supported by Samba itself.  For that matter, Windows NT/2000
Server does not have a provision for this. You can setup a list of
workstations that a user is allowed to login from on a Windows NT/2000
Server - but you cannot restrict concurrent logons from those
workstations.  Netware is the only PC-based NOS that I know of that has
a provision for doing that.

Anyway, the consensus was that this is one of several features that
should be focused on after the impending Samba 3.0 release is complete.

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