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In order to assign more than one user/group permissions you need to have
EA/ACL's enabled on the kernel and have Samba compiled with them enabled as
well.   You won't be able to be as granular with the permissions as NT, you
are still limited to r-w-x permission bits.
Check out
http://acl.bestbits.at <http://acl.bestbits.at> 

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We are in the process of implementing Linux-cum-samba in our NT environment.
We are trying to integrate the security with winbind. Joined the NT domain,
no problem. Can list the users and groups thru wbinbfo. Gave a uid and gid
range to the nt users in smb.conf. made couple of changes in nsswitch as
suggested by the documentation, password: files winbind and groups: files
It seems that this version of samba had already winbind integrated so that
we didn't have to compile it again and we didn't do anything in the PAM
The permissions on the linux box map to:owner, group and everyone only. No
more users/groups can be added but it seems you can amend this three
entries. How can we implement the file and directory permissions with the
same granularity as the NT, using samba and winbind, since there is no
concept of local and global groups on the linux box? I am not a linux or
unix expert, so any seemingly simple stuff could help in my case.
Any help is appreciated.
PS: We have downloaded all the relevant documentation, but they seem to be
for earlier versions of linux and samba such as 7.1. Nothing specifically
written for Linux 8.0 and samba 2.2.7.

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