[Samba] Samba SWAT 2.2.7 Doesn't Work in Redhat8.0?

Ciba LO cibalo at gmx.co.uk
Tue Dec 3 11:38:01 GMT 2002

Hello All Samba-list Members,

I have installed a Samba 2.2.7, the samba-latest.tar.gz, as a PDC on a 
Redhat8.0 GNU/Linux server.  ( Of course, I first uninstalled the original 
samba that came with the Redhat installation CDs by rpm -e samba*.)  The 
installation was successful.  Then I modified /etc/services and 
/etc/xinetd.d/swat as suggested in the installation document uncompressed 
from samba-latest.tar.gz.  But I cannot start Samba SWAT.  The terminal 
output is copied-and-pasted as follows.

Please help!!!

Thank you very much for your assistance.

[root at ibmapt root]# uname -a
Linux ibmapt.mshome 2.4.18-18.8.0 #1 Wed Nov 13 23:10:57 EST 2002 i586 i586 
i386 GNU/Linux
[root at ibmapt root]# cat /proc/version
Linux version 2.4.18-18.8.0 (bhcompile at daffy.perf.redhat.com) (gcc version 
3.2 20020903 (Red Hat Linux 8.0 3.2-7)) #1 Wed Nov 13 23:10:57 EST 2002
[root at ibmapt root]#
[root at ibmapt root]# ls /usr/local/samba/bin
findsmb           nmbd       smbclient   smbmount   smbtar     testparm
make_printerdef   nmblookup  smbcontrol  smbpasswd  smbumount  testprns
make_smbcodepage  rpcclient  smbd        smbspool   swat       wbinfo
make_unicodemap   smbcacls   smbmnt      smbstatus  tdbbackup  winbindd
[root at ibmapt root]# cat /etc/services
# /etc/services:
# $Id: services,v 1.31 2002/04/03 16:53:20 notting Exp $
# Network services, Internet style
netbios-ns      137/tcp                         # NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-ns      137/udp
netbios-dgm     138/tcp                         # NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-dgm     138/udp
netbios-ssn     139/tcp                         # NETBIOS session service
netbios-ssn     139/udp
# Local services
swat            901/tcp                         # samba swat
[root at ibmapt root]# cat /etc/xinetd.conf
# Simple configuration file for xinetd
# Some defaults, and include /etc/xinetd.d/

         instances               = 60
         log_type                = SYSLOG authpriv
         log_on_success          = HOST PID
         log_on_failure          = HOST
         cps                     = 25 30

includedir /etc/xinetd.d

[root at ibmapt root]# cat /etc/xinetd.d/swat
## /etc/xinetd.d/swat
service swat
         disable = no
         port    = 901
         socket_type     = stream
         wait    = no
         only_from = localhost
         user    = root
         server  = /usr/local/samba/bin/swat
         log_on_failure  += USERID

To make sure swat, webmin and httpd are running...
[root at ibmapt root]# chkconfig swat on
[root at ibmapt root]# service webmin status
Webmin (pid 1516) is running
[root at ibmapt root]# service httpd status
httpd (pid 979 978 977 976 975 974 973 972 969) is running...
[root at ibmapt root]#

Then run Mozilla with the following URLs:
http://localhost/ to go to the apache test page
http://localhost:10000/ to go to the webmin login page
http://localhost:901/ to get the alert as follows
"The operation timed out when attempting to contact www.localhost.com"

It seemed to me that Mozilla attempted to contact www.localhost.com in the 
internet via the gateway.  But it worked okayed for http://localhost/ and 

Best Regards,
Ciba LO<cibalo at gmx.co.uk>
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