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> Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 03:57:43 +0530 (IST)
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> Subject: [Samba] domain logons+linux client
>   hello,
>   The concept of a PDC is every machine logs into the domain
>   controller to get access to n/w resources(file and print sharing).

Not really, the concept is that when a request is made to one of the
members of the domain, authentication is passed off to the domain
controllers. Using the term "log in" is misleading ...

>   and in windows if i have a NT or 2000 machine as a domain
>   controller,every other workstation or a client logs in to DC for
>   n/w resources.

Users log into a machine, and are authenticated against the domain
controller. When they connect to another machine in the domain, their
client (windows) passes authentication tokens to the server the user is
connecting to, and the server checks authentication against a domain
controller. Logging in doesn't *really* have anything to do with
connecting to another machine, besides the fact that windows keeps a
copy of your hashed password or a token form the DC (AFAIK).

>   And samba is a server software on linux server,which i
>   assume(iam new to linux n/w'ing,so still fighting hard to
>   familiarize linux)is configured on linux server to
>   allow linux machines visible on windows n/w neighbourhood.

Samba is a suite of software to allow unix machines to perform network
operations using the SMB/CIFS protocol, which is used by Windows. It
provides both server-side and client-side features.

>  and windows have to be logged in samba server to get n/w resources.
>  But wat abt linux systems on the n/w.Is it possible that once linux
> machines starts,similarly like windows clients ask to give a
>  username pasword pair to get into samba server for n/w access.
>   ...if anyone is having an idea abt this,pls share it with me.and
>  any kind of guidance is appreciable.

Maybe it would be better if you told us what you are trying to accomplish?

For example, it is possible (and very easy with Mandrake 9.0) to provide
desktops that authenticate against a windows domain, using winbind.
Using some tools such as pam_mount you would automatically have
windows/samba shares mounted when the user logs in. This authentication
can also be used for other services (email, ssh, cvs over ssh, domain
member server with ACLs, print server with downloadable print drivers
etc etc).

Browsing a windows network can be done with tools such as
Linneighborhood, Komba2, or the network browser in KDE, but they do not
get the password from the login, rather you must manually set the
password they will use.


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