[Samba] no logon servers available

Nicholas Sushkin nsushkin at sushkins.net
Tue Dec 3 01:33:00 GMT 2002

On Monday 02 December 2002 20:01, you wrote: 

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> On Thu, 28 Nov 2002, Nicholas Sushkin wrote:
> > I am running samba 2.2.7 as a PDC with a couple of Win2k workstations
> > participating in the domain. Once in a while of the workstations, I
> > can't access shares on the other, getting a message "no logon servers
> > available". Once I restart smbd and nmbd via /etc/init.d/smb stop start,
> > the problem goes away immediately. I tried to search in samba logs, but
> > there were no error messages. What might be the problem?
> Check for name registration issues related to the Samba PDC.

Thanks for your reply! I almost gave up on somebody from the list helping 

You mean WINS name resolution problems? Yes, I'll check for that the next time 
I am having this problem. After thinking about your suggestion, I realized 
that some of my friends were plugging their laptops into my lan, maybe that 
screwed up the default browser or something like that. Do you know by any 
chance a way to figure out what a win2k workstation is thinking about its 
default master browser?

Nicholas Sushkin,
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