[Samba] domain logons+linux client

kdmprasad at netindial.com kdmprasad at netindial.com
Mon Dec 2 22:28:01 GMT 2002

  The concept of a PDC is every machine logs into the domain 
  controller to get access to n/w resources(file and print sharing).
  and in windows if i have a NT or 2000 machine as a domain 
  controller,every other workstation or a client logs in to DC for 
  n/w resources.
  And samba is a server software on linux server,which i 
  assume(iam new to linux n/w'ing,so still fighting hard to
  familiarize linux)is configured on linux server to 
  allow linux machines visible on windows n/w neighbourhood.
 and windows have to be logged in samba server to get n/w resources.
 But wat abt linux systems on the n/w.Is it possible that once linux 
machines starts,similarly like windows clients ask to give a 
 username pasword pair to get into samba server for n/w access.
  ...if anyone is having an idea abt this,pls share it with me.and 
 any kind of guidance is appreciable.
  thanks in advance.

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